Compliance Information and Special Reports

2022 Articles

2022 MLR Rebate Checks To Be Issued Soon To Fully Insured Plans

Paying with Credit Card

Additional Guidance On New Prescription Reporting Requirement 

Prescription Medication

HHS Proposes Expanded Section 1557 Nondiscrimination Rules

Doctor and Patient

Inflation Reduction Act - Health Care Considerations 

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Further Guidance Issued on Contraceptive Coverage 

Young Businesswomen

New Prescription Drug Reporting Requirement 

Final Rules Adopt Administrative Changes To The No Surprises Act 

Laptop and Paperwork

Medicare Part D Notification Requirements


New FAQ Addresses NSA and TIC Rules 


New Cost Sharing Disclosure in 2023

Doctor and Patient

New Philadelphia Employee Commuter Transit Benefit Programs

Korea Bus Stop

IRS Announces 2023 ACA Affordability Indexed Amount


New Mandatory Preventive Items And Services

Patient X-ray

Philadelphia Re-Enacts Emergency Paid Sick Leave Benefits

HHS Extends Public Health Emergency until October 13, 2022

Filling Out a Form

2022: Second Quarter Compliance Digest 

Business Meeting

2022 PCOR Fee Filing Reminder For Self-Insured Plans 

Credit Assessment

2023 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for HSAs

Watching Stock Market

HHS Extends Public Health Emergency until July 15, 2022

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No Surprises Act IDR Process Altered by Court Order

Helicopter Rescue Team

Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum Adjustments Announced for 2023

Medical Team

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Implements New Paid Sick Leave Requirements


Additional Guidance Addresses ACA Preventive Care Mandate

Child at the Pediatrician

DOL Penalties Increase for 2022

Judges Examining Document

HHS Extends Public Health Emergency until April 16, 2022

Filling Out a Form

Mental Health Conditions Can Trigger FMLA


July 1 Deadline Approaching for Machine-Readable Files

Vertical File Cabinet

Proposed Regulations to Fix ACA's Affordability "Family Glitch"

Outdoor Dinner

Temporary Telehealth Relief For HSA Plans

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

New OTC COVID-19 Testing Coverage Guidance Published 

Temperature Check

Medicare Part D - CMS Notification Reminder 

Old and Young

State Health Coverage Reporting Requirements for CY 2021

Financial Report

2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines Announced 


Additional Guidance Addresses ACA Preventive Care Mandate

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

2021 Articles

Guidance Issued on Broker Compensation Disclosure

Signing Contract

2021: Compliance Digest

Vertical File Cabinet

Final 2021 Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C Issued

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Winter Action Plan to Battle COVID-19


IRS Releases Proposed Regulations on ACA Reporting and Other Issues

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2022 Cost of Living Adjustments

Accounting Tasks

Build Back Better Legislation Includes Benefit Provisions 

US Flag

Guidance Clarifies Outbreak Period Rules for COBRA

Office Space

Supreme Court Effectively Ends OSHA Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard 


Fourth Quarter Compliance Digest

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OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard 

Filling Out a Form

2021_Employer Reporting Requirement

Financial Report

Guidance on Prescription Drug Reporting


New Jersey Releases 2022 Disability and Family Leave Amounts

Family Meal

OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard Guidance on Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing


Massachusetts Paid Family Leave 2022 Contributions and Benefits

Pregnant Woman and Partner

HHS Issues Guidance Addressing HIPAA and COVID-19 Vaccinations 

Computer Software Guidance

Telehealth Relief for HDHPs Set to Expire

Mobile Phone

2021: Third Quarter Compliance Digest 

Sunset Over New York City

President Biden Announces Plan to Increase Number of Vaccinated Americans

Reading a Newspaper

IRS Announces 2022 ACA Affordability Indexed Amount 

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Guidance on Preventive Care Services and PrEP Coverage

Doctor Office

HHS Extends Public Health Emergency until October 18, 2021


Cobra Subsidy Termination Notice Reminder 

Sticky Notes

Request for Information on Pharmacy Transparency

Prescription Drugs

2021: Second Quarter Compliance Digest

Reading a Book

2021 PCOR Fee Filing Reminder for Self-Insured Plans

Contract Review

IRS Guidance Clarifies DCAP Relief


2022 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for HSA's

Networking Event

Employers Encouraged to Provide PTO for Vaccinations

Doctor with Files

Guidance Issued on MHPAEA Comparative Analysis Requirement

Business Meeting

COVID-19 PPE Now Qualified Medical Expense 

Women with Masks

2021: First Quarter Compliance Digest

Engineer in Factory

IRS Guidance on Health FSA and DCAP Relief 

Credit Assessment

Departments Issue Guidance 


Guidance Issued on Outbreak Period

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Reminders for Medicare CMS Notice and 1094 - 1095 Filing

Stack of Files

HHS Extends the Public Health Emergency Again


Surprise Medical Billing Guidance Clarifies IDR Process and Fees

Nurse And Patient

FAQs Address COVID-19 Vaccine Group Health Plan Incentives


Proposed Requirements Address Air Ambulance Reporting Requirement

Helicopter Rescue Team

2021 MLR Rebate Checks Recently Issued to Fully Insured Plans

Signing Check

Some Transparency in Coverage and CAA Deadlines Delayed

Office Space

More Employers May Be Required to Electronically File Some IRS Forms 

Stack of Files

Additional Guidnace Issued on the 2021 COBRA Subsidy

Market Analysis

First Guidance on Surprise Medical Billing Issued 

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New Mandatory Preventive Items and Services 

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Supreme Court Dismisses Latest Challenge to the ACA

Conversation in Court

HHS Expands Interpretation of Sex Discrimination under 1557


IRS Provides Additional Guidance on COBRA Subsidy

Insurance Consultation

Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum Adjustments Announced for 2022


HHS Extends Public Health Emergency Until July 20,2021

Social Distance

Update on COVID-19 Vaccine and Vaccine Administrative Cost


Guidance Issued on the 2021 Cobra Subsidy 

Doing Homework

DCAP Update and Other Highlights from the ARPA

Reading the Paper

New COBRA Subsidy

Government Building

Cobra Subsidy in the Works

Donation Jar

Marketplace Special Enrollment Period Announced 

Bullet Journal

DOL Penalties Increase for 2021

Businesswoman with Mask

2020 Articles

2020: Year in Review Compliance Digest 


DOL FAQs Address Expiration of FFCRA Leave

Press Conference

COVID-19 and Government Funding Legislation Signed into Law

Lab Experiment

New PCOR Fee Announced 

Dollar Bill in Jar

Final Regulations Address Coverage for COVID-19 Vaccines


DOL Issues Updated MHPAEA Compliance Tool

Book of Laws

Final 2020 Forms 1094-C and 1095-C Issued and Deadline Extended for 2020 Forms 1095-C

Piles of Paper

2020 MLR Rebate Checks Recently Issued to Fully Insured Plans

Signing Check

NJ Issues Pre-Tax Transportation Benefit Rules

Parked Buses

Quarter Third Compliance Digest

Insurance Consultation

Medicare Part D Notification Requirements

Healthcare Worker with Patient

FAQs Address School Reopening and FFCRA Leave

School Bus

DOL Provides Guidance Regarding FFCRA and SCA_DBRA Interaction

Computer Software Guidance

Anticipating the Impact of COVID-19 on Health Care Premiums

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Supreme Court Affirms Expansions of ACA Contraception Exemptions

Judge's Table

2020: Second Quarter Compliance Digest

In a Meeting

Proper Use of Premium Credits

Happy Grandparents

New Guidance Offers Relief and Extends Deadlines for Benefit Plans

Community Members

IRS Issues Relief for Cafeteria Plans in Response to COVID-19

Empty Cafeteria

IRS Issues FFCRA W-2 Reporting Guidance

Financial Report

FFCRA Benefit Eligibility Updates for Summer Program Closures

Friends at Camp

Nineteenth Set of FAQs on the ACA Issued

Designers Working

Annual Out-Of-Pocket Maximum Adjustments Announced for 2021

Men with Calculator

Adjusting Group Benefit Strategies

Networking Group

DOL Issues Temporary Rule: Regulations Regarding FFCRA Leave

Holding Hands

The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act

Open Book

Coronavirus Emergency Loans - Small Business Guide and Checklist

Dollar Bills

Initial Guidance on Payroll Tax Credits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Happy Family

COVID-19 Stimulus Package

Contract Review

Coronavirus Health Coverage and Employee Leaves of Absence

Blond Doctor

2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines Announced


Medicare Part D CMS Notification Reminder


Parking Tax Relief for Tax-Exempt Employers

Car Park

Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit Extended

Family Love

Key ACA Taxes Repealed, but the PCOR Fee Is Back


EEOC Provides Proposed Wellness Rules

Daily dose of vitamins

2020 Employer Reporting Requirements 

Financial Reports

2020 : Fourth Quarter Compliance Digest 


Final Rule to Increase Flexibility for Grandfathered Plans

Flexible Payment Planning

Final Group Health Plan Transparency Rules Issued 

Fall Tokens

New Jersey Releases 2021 Disability and Family Leave Amounts


2021 Cost of Living Adjustments

Dollar Notes

SBA Covid-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application


The website address is:

HHS Announces Another Extension to the Public Health Emergency

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Renewal Considerations Potential Liability Exposures Due To COVID19 Related Extensions

Man with Medical Mask

DOL Reaffirms and Revises FFCRA Leave Regulations, Updates FAQs

Working Silhouettes

EEOC Updates COVID-19 Guidance

Lab Experiment

District Court Blocks Enforcement of HHS Final Rule on ACA Section 1557


FFCRA Paid Leave Regulations Invalidated by District Court


Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LGBTQ Protection in Title VII


Section 1557 Nondiscrimination Final Rule

Speaking with the Judge

Proposed Rule to Increase Flexibility for Grandfathered Plans

Man with Suit

New Jersey Expands Disability and Leave Benefits to Address COVID-19

New York

National Public Health Emergency Extension Benefit Plan Impact

Emergency Vehicles

IRS Issues Proposed Rule Expanding Medical Expenses


IRS Announces 2021 ACA Affordability Indexed Amount

Tax Income Reports

EEOC Antibody Testing Guidance in Return to Work Decisions

Doctor with Mammography

COVID-19 Returning to Work and Benefit Eligibility Considerations

Working from Home

2021 Inflation Adjusted Amounts of HSAs

Reading Newspaper

2020 PCOR Fee Filing Reminder for Self-Insured Plans

Bankruptcy Filing

Quarter One Compliance Digest

Contract Review

COVID-19 Employer FAQ

Document with Pen

Benefit Considerations in Light of Employee Terminations/Layoffs

Young Man with Tablet

Special Enrollment Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Document with Pen

DOL Guidance on Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Happy Family in the Park

DOL Penalties Increase for 2020

Business Meeting

Deadline Extended for 2019 Forms 1095-C

Signing Forms

California Individual Mandate, Penalty and Reporting

The Business Page

Overtime Pay Consequences of Common Employee Benefits

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2019 Employer Reporting Requirements

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